Ritualwell (Multiple)

“The Sea Calls Me Home: A Ritualwell Meditation and Playlist for Passover”

“In the Garden We’ve Grown: A Tu Bishvat Playlist and Ritual”

“Prayer for Technology”

At the well (June 2018) 

"Miracles & Light in Tammuz" 


Lilith (October 2019)

“Turning Sukkot Inside Out”

Hey alma (October 2018)

“Why Lady Gaga’s Nose in ‘A Star is Born’ is So Important”

Hey Alma (August 2018)

"The Jewish Month Made for Watching a Movie A Day"


The Flexible Persona (spring 2018) 

"Latent," "Father"  Nominated for a 2018 Pushcart Prize


Atlas & Alice (spring 2017)


East Coast Literary Review (winter 2015)

 "Overpass," "Eastern-Tailed Blue"

The Kite Daily (spring 2014)

"Haiku VI," "Overpass," "III"

Poetica (spring 2013)

 "Birkenau 1945: The Spectacles"

In print: Durable Goods, Blink-Ink